Lagom is a celebration of innovation and creativity — a lifestyle magazine showcasing those who achieve a sense of balance between work and play.


Lagom was founded in 2014 by Bristol-based husband-and-wife team Elliot and Samantha Stocks, and the magazine is created by a team of contributors from around the world.

Team Lagom

  • Elliot Jay Stocks — Co-editor & Creative Director
  • Samantha Stocks — Co-editor & Editorial Director
  • Sammy Maine — Online Content Editor
  • Robert Mills — Customer Support
  • Erik Spiekermann — Resident Typomaniac

Regular contributors

  • Chris Murphy — Writer
  • Dan Rubin — Photographer
  • Ed J Brown — Illustrator
  • Jayde Perkin — Illustrator
  • Julie-Anne Cassidy — Writer / Photographer
  • Maryse St-Amand — Writer / Photographer
  • Maykel Loomans — Photographer


‘Lagom’ is a Swedish word with no direct English translation, but loosely describes the concept of having just the right amount of something: not too little, not too much. This general theme of leading a balanced life pervades every issue of Lagom and guides us to new stories.

The magazine is divided into three distinct sections: Spaces & Places, Craft & Create, and Escape & Recharge. So, moving through each issue, the reader finds inspirational workspaces, hotels, restaurants, and homes from around the world; then gets to meet the makers and craftspeople creating truly unique work; then finally unwinds with a look at pastimes and hobbies that help attain that all-important sense of balance in our busy, modern lives.

Unlike many lifestyle magazines, we eschew pomposity and keep our feet well and truly on the ground, celebrating people rather than image. We care about the personal stories behind the products and the motivations of the world’s creatives.

Lagom is published twice a year by Margin Media, Ltd. and is stocked all over the world. If you like what we’re doing, please consider subscribing.


Our Partners

We work closely with select brands who share our vision. The support of these companies has helped Lagom become a sustainable business and we’re indebted to their generosity.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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