Lagom #2

Some highlights include our exploration of the rustic workspace of Fort Houston in Nashville, Tennessee; our feature interview with entrepreneur Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, whose business is based around the principle of championing the modern beard-wearer; and graphic and web designer Veerle Pieters’ honest piece on how cycling helped her overcome a period of exhaustion.

This issue is also something of a ‘cold brew special’: UK Cup Tasting Champion Jason Gonzalez interviews LA-based Outpost Coffee and en- courages you to try your hand at cold brewing coffee. And, If you’re feeling more adventurous, try Outpost’s ‘Old Schmuck’ cold brew cocktail recipe. Our final feature is with designer and musician Matthew Barnes — known by his musical alias Forest Swords — about how he manages to balance the two disciplines of music and design.

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover. Issue #2 contains 136 pages.

First issues are always something of an experiment, and having discovered that our debut experiment went rather well, we’re excited to be back and feeling quietly confident that our sophomore effort will be even better than the first. There are a few things we’ve learned, and you might notice a tightening of our design system throughout the magazine, as well as some entirely redesigned pages, including our front-of-house content.

As before, our aim is to inspire and motivate, celebrating independence and creativity in all its forms across our three core sections: ‘Spaces & Places’, ‘Craft & Create’, and ‘Escape & Recharge’.

Spaces & Places

Nashville’s Fort of Creativity

For Houston is a co-working space dedicated to those that make, be they woodworkers, mechanics, or screen printers. With the sound of drills and hacksaws creating a background soundtrack to our conversation, we spoke to co-owners Ryan Schemmel and Joshua Cooper. 

The To Øl Guide to Craft Beer in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, once known for industrial-scale brewing, has recently earned its place on the Scandinavian craft beer map, thanks to a raft of independent breweries. We asked Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther of To Øl for their favourite places to enjoy a beer in Denmark’s capital. 

Hotel Spotlight: The Hoxton, Shoreditch

Intrigued by its trendy-yet-informal interior, and its relaxed-yet-bustling public spaces, we were keen to find out more about The Hoxton, Shoreditch. We met with CEO Sharan Pasricha, who proudly describes the brand as being fiercely independent and fiercely local. 

Stockist Spotlight: Daikanyama Tsutaya Books

In a new regular feature, we take a look at one of Lagom’s stockists. For the first instalment, we perused the shelves at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books in Tokyo. 

Creative Connection

Tess Golden and Vera Henco of Aerogram Studio are redefining the concept of ‘working together’, proving you don’t need to be in the same country, or even on the same continent, to run a design agency. In fact, having a European and American half of the team has real advantages, as they explain. 

Lagom × VSCO

This issue we’ve curated a collection of images from the VSCO Grid community centred around the theme of balance, celebrating the Swedish word ‘lagom’, which means to have just the right amount of something. Visit to find more inspiring images.


Craft & Create

One of Many

We were intrigued by photographer Wesley Verhoeve’s inspirational photo series, One of Many, which aims to document the diverse range of people who make up the independent creative movement across the US. We asked Wesley to tell us about his goals for the project. 

Uniting The Modern BeaRdsmen

With the popularity of beards reaching new heights (and lengths) in the world of style and fashion, we quizzed Eric Bandholz – founder of beard grooming company Beardbrand and online magazine/community Urban Beardsman – about the culture of beard-wearing.

Artist Spotlight: Zaria Forman

At first you could be excused for thinking you’re looking at a photograph, but look again and you’ll find that the ripples of water have been created using pastels. Zaria Forman talks about what motivates her to create her large-scale, photo-realistic seascapes.

Confessions of a Builder of Things

From the Horse Brand Co. workshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Thomas Callahan talks honestly about the importance of hand-crafting. To him, the products he creates aren’t just products; they’re objects that tell stories with which people can form a connection. 

The Face of a Nation

We speak to designers Jesper Robinell and Stefan Hattenbach, who decided to take on the ambitious task of creating Sweden Sans: a typeface that would represent an entire country.

LAGOM × the ghostly store

We take a look at some of the beautiful vinyl designs released over the years by our partner Ghostly International, all available from


Escape & Recharge

Back in The Saddle

After struggling with exhaustion, designer, illustrator, and co-founder of Duoh! Veerle Pieters turned to cycling as a cure, and to help her achieve a more effective work-life balance. Here she enthuses about the benefits of a more active lifestyle. 

LA’s Cold Brew Outpost

A team of LA-based coffee enthusiasts — David Lopez, Tiffany Lopez, Justin Carleton, and Tony Nessan — have found the perfect vehicle for sharing their love of good coffee. UK Cup Tasting Champion Jason Gonzalez spoke to David over a cool bottle of Outpost cold brew. 

Jason Gonzaelez’ Cold Brew Recipe

Our resident coffee expert Jason Gonzalez shares his preferred method for that perfect cold brew.

Old Schmuck: A Cold Brew Cocktail by Outpost

David and Tiffany from Outpost Coffee have created a sweet and spicy cocktail based on an Old Fashioned, hence the ‘Old’ part of the name. As for the ‘Schmuck’ part, David explains: “My high school football coach would call us schmucks while he drank whiskey and coffee.”

LAGOM × keepcup

We’re proud to partner with KeepCup, designers and manu- facturers of the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup. From its humble beginnings in a Melbourne café in 2008, KeepCup now helps people to enjoy better coffee on the go, cutting down the number of disposable cups entering the waste stream. Astounded by the facts about wastage, we commissioned a visualisation of the data — which highlights KeepCup’s huge benefits over disposable cups!

Crispy Summer Squid With a Spicy Aioli Dip

Photographer and cook Marte Marie Forsberg shares one of her favourite recipes for entertaining friends. This easy finger-food dish, served with a spicy, citrusy aioli, is perfect for when the days get longer and the evenings warmer. 

Music Without Limits

For Kalle Paulsson, no digital software can quite live up to the tactile experience of making music with analogue synths. 

Double-Edged Sword

Matthew Barnes — known by his musical alias Forest Swords — is not only a musician, but also a graphic designer, and sees similarities in both roles. Reminiscing about rejection in art school, through to mixing albums outdoors, we discovered Matthew’s innate compulsion to create.


We’re excited to be partnering with to bring you a new competition to win a crate of craft beer picked by Lagom!